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Raidworx EMP

(Pronounced: "E M P")


The Raidworx EMP is a medical pouch system designed to be used with most velcro backed chest rigs or velcro front plate carriers.


  • Made 100% in the USA by Snake Eater Tactical for Raidworx.
  • Pouch is made of squadron laminated cordura and nylon thread.
  • Laminated velcro red panel that allows for marking of blood type.
  • Velcro red cross identifer for marking of EMP.
  • One piece removable skid.
  • One piece pouch system.
  • All Raidworx products are backed by our limited lifetime warranty.


Stocked EMP Includes:

(1) Sharpie

(1) Needle ARS (Medical Device Authorization Needed)

(1) TCCC Card

(1) NPA With Lube 26F (Medical Device Authorization Needed)

(1) Chest Seal Twin Pack (Enrtry/Exit)

(1) Combat Gauze

(1) Wound Packing Gauze

(1) Mini Flat 4" Pressure Dressing


*If a Medical Device Authorization is required for your order. Please email, with your order number including attached documentation that is required.*




Raidworx EMP (Expedient Medical Pouch)

PriceFrom $64.95
  • *I agree by completing the order of the Raidworx EMP and all products contained within, that I have the necessary training, certifications and authorizations to properly use the products and accessories. The purchaser or end user assumes any and all liability for events arising from my use of the product and will not hold any person or business associated with Raidworx LLC or the company of Raidworx LLC, civilly or criminally liable.

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