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Raidworx/RONE ARIS 2.0


(Pronounced: "AIR-IS")


The Raidworx/RONE ARIS 2.0, is the newest variant of our sling line. The ARIS 2.0 is one of the lightest and most cost effective sling options on the market. The main difference between the original ARIS and the ARIS 2.0 is the addition of a thin sling pad. The ARIS 2.0 offers an after market sling tensioning system. This allows shooters to gain more stability when barricade/tripod shooting. This sling fills all the gaps from fighting carbines all the way to precision rifles.




  • Made from MIL SPEC 55301 webbing
  • MIL SPEC 500D cordura
  • Low IR spectrum materials
  • US made steel hardware
  • Acetal ITW hardware
  • Closed cell foam for the sling pad

ARIS 2.0 (Adaptive Rifle Interchangeable Sling)

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